Custom Family Tree Print. A unique gift for newly-wed couples, grandma, the kids or for yourself. I am able to customize this tree to fit your family. Unconventional families are welcome. Show off your ancestors or your decendants in style.


Pick your theme


Choose a theme from the templates shown here.  No Extra Charge

-Options include Alice in Wonderland, Outer Space, Photo Tree, Oak Tree, Modern Branches, or Cheerleader.   

-Turnaround time for a family tree art varies depending on the number of generations and the number of customizations need for the ready-made theme.


-Custom and Personalized Theme for YOU   + $35

Don't settle for a design that isn't just right! I can create a custom theme for you! Tell me what you are thinking and I will design it for you!  I will begin with your initial idea and work with you to create a custom design you will absolutely love and if you don't, I won't stop until you do. Please be sure to include as much information as you can about your idea. Ex: Soccer theme with brown haired girl and names on soccer balls.

-I will work with you by sending you email proofs along the way that will allow you to see how your idea is looking.

-An additional design fee of $5 may be added if more than 2 proofs are requested.

-Turnaround time for a custom design varies depending on complexity of the design. 


Choose the Type of Chart You Need:


- Ancestor Charts start with you, then list your parents, grandparents, great grandparents, etc.


- Descendent Charts start with your grandparents, then list your parents, and then you.


Choose the Medium and Size of Your Chart


-Poster Print Sizes: 

8x10 (included) , 14x11 + $10, 20x16 + $20


-Canvas Sizes

8x8 + $10,  14x11 + $20, 12x12 + $20


Generations: (8x8 and 8x10 have a maximum of four generations.


1-4 Included, 5 + $5, 6 + $10, 7 +$20


Customization to Ready-Made Themes:


-Small changes to ready-made themes such as race of charactor, placement of shapes or words, and changes for non-conventional families are included. 


-Photos   $1/photo. To be invoiced. (Picture quality cannot be guaranteed.)


Extra Copies-

Offered at a discount at will be invoiced depending on the size and medium of the product.






Personalized Family Tree Art

  • No returns or Exchanges on custom products.